Eclipse Web Tools Platform: Developing Java Web Applications by Naci Dai, Lawrence Mandel, Arthur Ryman
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We'd like to begin by thanking the people who directly contributed to the preparation of this book. Our technical reviewers, Simon Archer, John Arthorne, Michael Elder, Jane Fung, Daniel Holt, and Kimberley Peter, gave us highly valuable, in-depth comments that greatly improved the contents of this book. Mike Milinkovich graciously provided us with an inspiring Foreword. We received authoritative feedback on the accuracy of the project and product descriptions contained in Chaper 16, Other Web Tools Based on Eclipse, from Jens Eckels, Matthew Gammie, Axel Kramer, Jochen Krause, Kyle Shank, Greg Stachnick, and Fabio Zadrozny. And, of course, Greg Doench and Michelle Housely, our wonderful editors at Addison-Wesley, were a continuous source of support and encouragement. We are grateful to you all.

We would also like to acknowledge our fellow members of the WTP development project, since their contributions gave us something well worth writing about.

WTP was created as the result of a three-way collaboration between IBM, ObjectWeb, and the Eclipse Foundation. From IBM, we'd like to thank the executive team of Lee Nackman, Hayden Lindsey, and Karen Hunt for approving the contribution of part of Rational Application Developer V6.0 and supporting its ongoing development in WTP. Also at IBM, we'd like to thank Dave Thomson, John Wiegand, and Scott Rich for contributing to the initial formulation of the project. At ObjectWeb, we'd like to thank Christophe Ney for leading the project creation effort. Christophe was instrumental in enabling the contribution of Lomboz from eteration, a member of ObjectWeb. At Eclipse, we'd like to thank Mike Milinkovich for supporting the creation of WTP, and John Wiegand and Bjorn Freeman-Benson for shepherding WTP through the creation process.

Next, we'd like to thank the WTP leadership team. Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Christophe Ney, and Tim Wagner co-led the Project Management Committee (PMC); Dominique de Vito, Jochen Krause, Mitch Sonies, Raghu Srinivasan, and David Williams served on the PMC; Chris Brealey, Chuck Bridgham, Der-Ping Chou, Tim de Boer, Craig Salter, Sheila Sholars, and David Williams led component teams; and Jeffrey Liu was the lead release engineer.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the many committers and contributors who have made WTP such a memorable experience and huge success. For the complete list, see