Eclipse Web Tools Platform: Developing Java Web Applications by Naci Dai, Lawrence Mandel, Arthur Ryman
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Chapter 4 - Setting Up Your Workspace

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An Eclipse workspace is where you keep your development resources and settings. Your resources are organized into projects. Your settings provide configuration information and options that control the way the tools work. Some settings are global to the workspace while others are scoped to individual projects.

A WTP workspace contains Web projects that contain static resources such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML files, and dynamic resources such as JSP, servlet, and EJB components, and their deployment descriptors. A WTP workspace also contains settings such as server runtime environment definitions, server configurations, and options for the many WTP tools.

Preparing a workspace is your first task in starting to use WTP. If you took the Quick Tour (see Chapter 3), you have already performed many of the steps required to set up your workspace. However, in the Quick Tour, you only did enough setup to get started. In this chapter we go into more depth about how to install, update, and configure WTP. Consult the WTP online Help for the full details.


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Other Sections in This Chapter

  • Installing and Updating WTP
    • The Installable Components of WTP
    • WTP Build Types
    • Installation via Update Manager
    • Installation via Zip Files
    • Installing Third-Party Content
    • JDK Setup
    • Verifying the Installation
    • Updating WTP
  • Configuring WTP
    • Data Preferences
    • Internet Preferences
    • Server Preferences
    • Validation Preferences
    • Web and XML Preferences
    • Web Services Preferences
    • XDoclet Preferences
    • Sharing Settings
  • Summary